Season 2021 -2022

Season 2021

Winter was difficult and we have had heavy losses, but a couple of the colonies survived the second winter.

The spring is quite late in the Northern Rockies region - It is May, but we still have a bit a snow on the ground and no green grass.

Our electric fence was looking good at that time and we hoped it will defend our bee hives from bears.

Our plans for this year was to create nucleus colonies from the surviving stock so that we can increase the numbers of colonies. 

The 2021 season turned to be a disaster. We have to start over again. 

When we got to our apiary, all our plans of creating nucleus colonies from our survival stock evaporated. A bear went through our electric fence and destroyed all our colonies.

Season 2022

In 2022 the story has repeated - we lost our bee stock to bears. 

We have to admit that bears are smart, and they found a way to get to our bees.  This time a bear dug  a way under the electric fence.  We have spend the rest of our 2022 season upgrading our infrastructure; we have focused on upgrading our fence and building a backup power source in case of a power outage.